Dominy Family Photos

The pictures below were taken most likely in 1959 at the lakehouse property of my grandfather (Joe Brannen) near Pennington, TX.   The first photo is of my great-grandmother (Annie Heidt Dominy) and all of her living descendents at that time.  [Click here to see a photo of Annie Heidt Dominy with her husband and children circa 1939.]  [Click here to see a photo of Annie Heidt Dominy with her husband and children at Christmas of 1949.]  [Click here to see another photo of Annie Heidt Dominy and some of her family circa 1956.]  The second photo below is her oldest child (Hazel Dominy grandmother) and all of her living descendents at that time.  See captions below photos for my best interpretation of those pictured.  I'm hopeful that someone there that day can provide me with information on when these photos were taken and can correct me where I've misidentified anyone.

Many thanks to my aunt (Betty Brannen) for finding what I thought were two lost-forever photos and lending them to me!  Thanks also to Roy Welch and Ruth Ann Schovajsa for help in identifying some of my cousins.

Upper Row: Roger Sanders, Jack Brannen, David Thornton, John Franklin Dominy, Osia Walker, A. H. Sanders, Johnny Brannen, Joe Thomas Brannen

Second Row: James Welch, Barbara Welch (holding daughter Leann Welch), Hayne Thornton, Roy Dean Welch, Guy Welch, Jean Brannen, Leithia Dominy, Laura Nell Sanders, Betty Brannen, Bennie Walker, Ruth Ann Welch, David Brannen, Pat Brannen, Joe Brannen

Third Row: Doug Welch, Nell Welch (holding daughter Kathryn Welch), Dothyl Dominy Thornton, Ruth Dominy Welch (holding granddaughter Susie Schovajsa), Annie Heidt Dominy (Mama Dom), Hazel Dominy Brannen, Willie Mae Dominy Sanders, John Dominy, Irene Dominy

Front Row: Doris Jeannine Welch, Frankie Schovajsa, Brenda Brannen, Carolyn Brannen, Donald Walker, Janet Walker, Joe Gordon Brannen (this is ME), Bob Schovajsa


Back Row:  Osia Walker, Jack  B. Brannen, Joe T. Brannen (my father), John R. Brannen

Middle Row: Pat Brannen (holding David Brannen), Bennie Ruth Brannen Walker (with Janet Walker standing beside her), Hazel Dominy Brannen (my grandmother), Joe Brannen (my grandfather), Jean Brannen (my mother), and Betty Brannen

Front Row: Carolyn Brannen, Joe G. Brannen (me!), Donald Walker, and Brenda Brannen (my dear, dear sister)

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