Bennie Ruth Brannen

Bennie Ruth Brannen was the second child of Joe and Hazel Brannen. She was born July 17, 1927 at Pennington, Texas. Bennie graduated from Pennington High School, attended Baylor University, and graduated from Sam Houston College. She taught in the public schools until she married Velda Osia Walker on June 10, 1951 (and let me make a side note here--this wedding was one of my first public appearances, as I had only been born about six weeks previously--they say I pretty much just laid there and required frequent diaper changes at the wedding). Osia was born 12/21/18 in Limestone County, Texas. His parents were D. Ledford Walker and Alta Colbert Walker. Osia graduated from Jewett (Texas) High School, got a Bachelor's degree in mathematics Sam Houston State College, and also obtained a masters degree from the University of Houston. Like Bennie, he taught in the public schools in Dickinson until they married and moved back to Pennington to enter business with two of Bennie's brothers (Joe and Johnny) in Brannen & Walker Farm Supply.

One of the saddest days of my life happened in the spring of '98 when Osia Walker died (4/13/98).  I was trapped in deliberations on a felony trial jury and unable to attend the funeral, but from what I heard, there was an exceptional turnout there to celebrate his life, rather than being there to mourn his passing.  We loved him dearly and he will be missed.  He was a loving father and a good friend.  Osia was the kind of man you could call at 3 in the morning, say you needed help, and you knew he would be there for you.

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Osia Walker (June 1997)

Bennie Walker (Oct. 2001)

Between the time the partners sold the business on 1/1/80 and 1996, Osia raised cattle and they enjoyed ranch life. In 1996 they left their ranch near Pennington and moved to Crockett. Bennie can be reached at: 105 El Camino, Crockett, TX 75835. Bennie greatly enjoys visits with her five grandchildren.

Bennie and Osia had two children:

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