Latest Update: September 26, 2010

Hello and welcome to my website.   I've recently been doing some updating.  Stay tuned...

 If you are a "Brannen", check out my Brannen History page.  This has photos and information on the descendents of my grandparents (Joe Brannen and Hazel Dominy Brannen), along with some history of the Brannens going back about 200 years.  You may also want to see this Dominy Family Reunion photo from 1959.  

Because this is a "home" page, I've included a photo of our home below: 

For those who keep count of such things, this website has been visited somewhere around    times since the last time you checked...personally I'm glad if you choose to visit.  But some people seem to be wrapped up in counting this stuff, so I provide this fine counter for you.  


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