1953's Brannen Reunion Photos

These photos were taken at the lakehouse of my grandfather, Joe Brannen, near Pennington, Texas on Sunday, July 6, 1953.   

According to a newspaper article my Aunt Bennie shared with me, 175 Brannen's from six states attended.

These were all the descendents of Harris Brannen.

If you can help share any light on the unknown individuals shown in these photos, 

 I would sure appreciate hearing from you.  e-mail me here.

Charlie Brannen (Austin, TX), Jasper ("Jap") Brannen (Pennington, TX)

Andrew Brannen (Montgomery, AL)

L to R: Unknown, Jasper "Jap" Brannen, Andrew Brannen, Dicy Brannen, Quinton Brannen, Unknown, Adolphus Calvin "Dutch" Brannen

Back Row: Osia Walker, Bennie Brannen Walker, Joe T. Brannen, John R. Brannen, Pat Brannen, Jack B. Brannen

Middle Row: Ada Mae Brannen, Jasper Brannen, Cleo Brannen, Jasper ("Jap") Brannen, Minnie Ola Glenn,

Joe Brannen, Hazel Brannen

Front Row: Jerry Brannen, Jimmy Brannen, Jasper Wallace Brannen, Sue Ann Brannen

Too many Brannen relatives to identify!!!

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